Learn more about LAUNA

LAUNA is a family business that was founded in 2001 with less than half a dozen employees.

What characterizes LAUNA is the family union of the 4 brothers who, together with their father, have managed to develop LAUNA into one of the leading machining companies in Gipuzkoa.

We are recognized as leaders in the field of precision machining of special parts.


LAUNA begins with Less than 6 total employees in 600m2.


With continued Growth LAUNA moves into new 2200m2 facility.


LAUNA rebrands the company to represent the evolution the company has made in the last 20 years.

In the near future

LAUNA continues to evolve to meet the needs of the national and international manufacturing markets. We are continuing to expand and re-invest to ensure we meet our client’s needs. Our Team now has the strength and Loyalty of over 40 members.

Know-How / Know-Who

Our mission is to offer TOTAL QUALITY, both in products and services.

Seeking excellence and investing in the necessary tools to achieve this.

This complete capability allows us to work across multiple industries regardless of complexity.

LAUNA understands its position within the Know-how Know-who culture. Our ability to solve our customers problems based on internally acquired knowledge establishes our strong position in the market.

Established 20 years ago with an accumulated knowledge of the four founding partners in excess of 40 years, a strong foundation has been continually built on over the years and now boasts a tenfold increase in size, with over 40 employees.

A self-aware understanding of our position has enabled us to show the added value necessary to allow LAUNA to become a valued and reliable partner within the Basque manufacturing industry and also further afield, nationally and internationally.

Our willingness to step outside of our comfort zone means we are now highly experienced in machining most of the current “hard Metals” such as Inconel 718, Titanium TA6V, super duplex etc..

LAUNA is currently making the progression into managing demanding projects for our clients. We are taking the pain of managing the entire manufacturing process away from them by utilizing our own extensive supplier base of providers for all types of secondary treatments and material procurement.

Aeroespace industry
Renewable energies
Fluid management
Oil & Gas
Complex machining
Castings & Forgings

LAUNA has become a company prepared to provide advanced solutions to TIER 1 suppliers and OEM’s in the oil and gas, energy, fluid management and aerospace markets for the machining of complex components based on materials that are difficult to machine or high value castings and forgings.