Quality & Assurance

CMM Quality Control

The cornerstone of our QUALITY control is our CMM machine.

It is situated in its own environmentally controlled area that maintains a constant temperature of 20ºC. Equipped with the most modern software currently on the market, we maintain 100% confidence in our output.


Coordinate Measuring Machine

Hexagon bridge machine with Renishaw head.

Regular externally performed calibration of all measuring equipment 

ensure that our baseline is always maintained.


With the ISO 9001 certificate, LAUNA aims to stand out through the quality management system focused on meeting customer expectations.

See ISO Certificate


the purpose of implementing a quality management system is to ensure we can repeatedly meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. The whole process is geared towards them.

Improvement in the

The processes that are necessary for all production activity follow standards that ensure optimization whilst at the same time giving us early indicators if the process is moving towards a state of non-control.


It is possible to improve the cost of a product or service without affecting its quality. It is about optimizing the process and eliminating unnecessary costs of both time and resources. This essential formula ensures that we remain relevant in our industry.

New customers

Compliance with the standards that a quality management system determines, gives assurance to potential customers. Creating strong relationships with new customers requires us to validate many aspects of our business, but compliance with an external standard shows our customers that we have the procedures and processes necessary to manage their product and be assured that our number one priority is producing parts that meet their requirements for Quality, Schedule and price.